First DeFi Options Protocol on zkSync

Options on chain with the highest capital efficiency

Zomma Protocol

Zomma Protocol offers European options trading on chains, acquiring the elements of diversity and non-linearity of TradFi options products to suit the fast-evolving DeFi; Zomma Protocols is feature-complete and competitive to converge both TradFi and DeFi traders.
Both the makers (LPs) and takers (Traders) can benefit on better utilization of funds with leverages to maximize capital efficiency with trust-worthy exit strategy and necessary liquidation mechanism to complete trading experiences, prolonging the sustainability of the staking pools.


The Adventurer of DeFi that Focuses on Paving the Financial Infrastructure in Web 3.0
  • Options trading for everyone - TradFi options Pro traders, retail crypto traders, Hodlers, heavy DeFi users
  • Provide a feature-complete option trading platform for beginners to pro with trading experiences highly similar to TradF options and with DeFi flexibility
  • PaaP (Pool as a product) similar to structured products for beginners and retail traders the possibility of high yields
  • Unique ZLM (Zomma Liquidation Mechanism) to prolong stability and safety of the platform that safeguard everyone's hard-earn-money